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During the COVID-19 outbreak and California "Stay at Home" order, Advanced Veterinary Care will continue to provide essential veterinary health services to our community. In addition, we are dedicated to bringing our clients useful information and resources, both for pets and their human family members.

The following links provide vital information regarding AVC resources, hours, and services, as well as outside resources to help our community members.  Please click the links below for more information.  If you have resources that you feel may be of use to us or to your community, please send the links to our website administrator or our hospital at: [email protected] .

We wish the best for everyone at this difficult time.  Stay safe, practice safe distancing, wash your hands.  We will get through this!

Advanced Veterinary Care Statements:

Curbside Service
Telemedicine Services

Additional Resources:

American Veterinary Medical Association: COVID-19 Facts for Pet Owners
California Stay at Home Order: Basics

California Stay at Home Executive Order
COVID-19 in California
American Veterinary Medical Association: Veterinary Facilities as Essential Businesses
American Veterinary Medical Association: COVID-19 Essential Information
San Marcos "Open for Business": listing of local businesses still offering services


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