Meet Our Team: Veterinary Support Staff

At Advanced Veterinary Care we are very proud of our team of veterinary professionals.  Our entire team strives to provide care that is both high quality and compassionate.  Each of our staff members is a true animal lover who lives by our mission of promoting pet wellness through client education, preventative medicine, and advanced, quality care.

We are excited for you to meet the diverse group of animal loving professionals who make up our care team.

Veterinary Administration

Photo of woman with medium sized tan dog

Office Administrator

Toni started at Advanced Veterinary Care in November of 2018, taking on the essential role of administrating our day-to-day office administration such as bookkeeping, accounting, employee onboarding, and payroll.  Prior to joining AVC, Toni worked in marketing research.  She has also owned a dog boarding facility and has 10 years experience in the banking industry.  Toni holds a marketing degree from San Diego State University and is a lifelong animal lover.
Tony is married with three children, all boys.  She shares her house and life with several pets as well: Scooter the 30 year old tortoise, Scout, a 13 year-old cat, and Josie, a fun and sweet 10 month old shepherd mix Puppy.  When not spending time working or with her family, Toni enjoys raising and releasing Monarch Butterflies, gardening, and painting.
Toni enjoys working in a veterinary clinic because it gives her the ability to really make a difference in the lives of pets and their people.  She loves working at AVC because of "the staff!  Our team is amazing!  They are dedicated professionals who really care about each and every pet we take care of."

Pants, employee care professional, photo of black and white cat

Practice Manager/Employee Comfort Professional

Gato de Pantaleones “Pants,” began her career at Advanced Veterinary Care in 2021, after being adopted into the home of Dr. Thomas.  Pants takes on the essential hospital roles of employee entertainment coordinator, anxiety alleviator, comic relief, cat toy quality control, paper shredder, and printer “repair.”
Gato de Pantaleones lives with Dr. Thomas and comes with her to the hospital on days she works.  Pants shares their home with three human family members as well as the two dogs, two parrots, several frogs, and an aquarium full of fish.  When not working, Pants enjoys sunning and playing on her home “catio,” snacking, playing with Ollie the Terrier, evaluating cat toys, shredding paper, and managing the workings of the Thomas home.
Pants loves coming to AVC because she adores the love and attention given to her by the fellow coworkers.  She says the snack they offer are not bad, either.

Customer Service Representatives

Our Customer Service Representatives are the smiling, helpful faces that greet each of our clients as they walk in the door; but their job is far from just being a friendly face.  They handle the huge volume of diverse phone calls that come in daily, answer client questions, triage veterinary inquiries, check in and check out appointments, and provide comfort to distressed pet parents and pet patients alike.  
We consider ourselves lucky to have a wonderful team manning our front desk who are not only exceptional employees but fantastic coworkers and fellow animal lovers!

Jessica, Customer Service Representative, Photo with small mixed breed dog

Customer Service

Jessica joined our team as one of our wonderful customer service representatives in May of 2018.  Her previous experience included administrative assistant work as well as working as an exam room technician and receptionist at another veterinary hospital.
Jessica shares with her life with her best friend Cali, a beautiful 14-year-old longhaired cat. When she is not working or spending time with Cali, she loves painting, dancing, and eating tasty food.
Jessica enjoys working in veterinary medicine because she loves seeing the bonds between people and their pets.  She loves AVC because of “how everyone loves what they do and they treat every patient with love and kindness.”

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Customer Service

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Veterinary Nursing Team

Our veterinary nursing team is made up of a dedicated group of Registered Veterinary Technicians, Veterinary Assistants, and Technician Assistants committed to providing exceptional care to your pets.  While their backgrounds and experiences are diverse, each works as part of a team to uphold AVC's mission of providing exceptional and compassionate veterinary care.

Juliette, Registered Veterinary Technician.  Photo with Dog, Faye

Nursing Administrator/Registered Veterinary Technician

Juliette joined Advanced Veterinary Care in 2018, after working in a variety of veterinary hospitals and positions for 25 years.  Her professional background includes technician/management positions in emergency/specialty medicine, avian/exotic medicine, holistic care, and many years in (her favorite) high quality general practice.  Juliette has special interest in physical rehabilitation, behavior, and exotic animal medicine.. In addition to being a CA Registered Veterinary Technician, Juliette is a Fear Free Certified veterinary professional. Juliette lives in Escondido with her husband and a houseful of animals: Oswyn, the Pitbull mix couch potato, Finley, the rescued Rottweiler, Nixie, a Heeler Mix puppy (and sport-dog in training), and the kitty crew: Bruce Campbell, Leo, and Pixel.
When not at work, Juliette loves spending time with her dogs, competing in Canine Agility, Barn Hunt, and Trailing and Locating.  She also loves hiking, photography, graphic design, bare bow archery, and video games. Juliette loves veterinary medicine because it gives her a chance to help the animals she loves live longer, happier lives.  She loves working at AVC because we “provide the quality of medicine and care that [she] would want for [her] pets and it is that rare place where we truly and honestly are a caring family.”

Registered Veterinary Technician Tori.  Photo posing with rottweiler

Registered Veterinary Technician

Tori has been an employee at AVC since June of 2018.  She is a Registered Veterinary Technician with special interest in veterinary dentistry. She has worked with animals for most of her life, having been a horse trainer and riding instructor for nine years prior to starting her career in veterinary nursing where she worked for ten years before joining Advanced Veterinary Care.
Tori shares her life with Paxten Grey, a sweet rambunctious young Rottweiler.  She loves nothing more than spending time with Paxten when she is not working.
Tori enjoys veterinary medicine because she loves the opportunity to help improve pets’ lives.  She enjoys working at AVC because she loves “being part of such a dedicated team whose top priority is always compassionate, quality veterinary care.

Ellen, Registered Veterinary Technician. Photo with dog on beach

Registered Veterinary Technician

Ellen started at Advanced Veterinary Care in early 2019 after working for many years at a variety of veterinary hospitals in San Diego and Minnesota.  She is a graduate of the Veterinary Technology Program at Argosy University in Minnesota and is also a Fear Free certified veterinary professional.
Ellen lives with her three pets: Speedwagon, the Persian cat, Marceline, the Cattle Dog Mix, and Evan, the Big Orange Cat. When Ellen is not helping pets at our clinic, she loves cooking and eating vegan food, sewing, shopping thrift stores for clothing, and learning new languages. Ellen’s favorite part of veterinary medicine is being involved in quality dentistry and surgery.  Her favorite thing about working at AVC is “the people and our quality of medicine.

Mariah, Registered Veterinary Technician. Photo with horse

Registered Veterinary Technician

Mariah started with AVC in 2020, right before the start of the pandemic. Prior to getting into veterinary medicine, she was a delivery driver with Papa Johns, then a server at a restaurant for many years. She went to San Diego Mesa College’s Animal Health Technology program to obtain her RVT license. 
Mariah currently lives in Escondido with her husband, Michael, her horse, Milo, and her dog, Zero.  In her free time Mariah likes to complete obstacle course races (Tough Mudder and Spartan) as well as escaping from escape rooms, and, of course, riding her horse, Milo. 
Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is seeing sick patients make recoveries. She loves working here at AVC because of “the family that the rest of the staff have created.”

Brandon, veterinary assistant, image with cat

Veterinary Assistant

Brandon started at Advanced Veterinary Care in September of 2017.  AVC was Brandon’s first veterinary job after spending time in retail management, as a student, and as a tutor.  In addition to his years' experience as a vet  assistant, Brandon holds a BS in Chemical Engineering. 
Brandon lives in Vista and spends a lot of time with his large local family of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, and dear friends.  When not working or spending time with family, he enjoys volleyball, eating, and dancing.
Brandon loves veterinary medicine because he loves connecting with people and their pets to help foster healthy, happy relationships.  He loves AVC because we are his “family outside of [his] regular family.  It’s a win-win.  The doctors are invaluably wonderful.”

Alyssa - Veterinary Assistant. Photo of blonde woman smiling with Klee Kai dog.

Veterinary Assistant

Alyssa started with our hospital in 2022.  Prior to coming to work at AVC, she worked at another local veterinary hospital for one year.  Alyssa lives in Carlsbad and has always had a true love for animals.  Her ultimate goal is to get into veterinary school and study to become an equine veterinarian.
Alyssa has two beloved pets at home: Grizzly, a 3 year old Alaskan Klee Kai, and Shaq, a 13 year-old German Shepherd mix.  When not working, she loves horseback riding, painting, enjoying boba, and spending time with her dogs.
Alyssa likes working in veterinary medicine because she loves helping animals.  She also loves gaining the experience that will help her in her future veterinary career.  What she enjoys most about working at AVC is "getting to learn something new every day."

Cheyanne - Veterinary Assistant. Photo of young woman with pink hair holding mixed breed dog in cow costume.

Veterinary Assistant

Cheyanne started with our hospital in mid 2022 after working in the veterinary field for two years. She said that she was drawn to veterinary medicine after growing up with animals. She wanted to be around them all the time, so working in the veterinary field seemed like the perfect job.
Cheyanne shares her life with a Corgi/French Bulldog mix named Maisy, a Shih Tzu named Popcorn, and a Belgian Malinois named Karma.
When not working, she loves trying new food places, hiking, taking her dog Maisy to dog parks and beaches, and doing Spartan races.
Cheyanne loves veterinary medicine because she feels it is the perfect job for an animal lover like herself; it is a “huge serotonin release.” She likes working at AVC because of “the teamwork. Everyone is willing to teach and help.”

Photo of veterinary technician Nicole posing with Queensland Heeler Dog

Veterinary Assistant (Soon to be Registered Veterinary Technician!)

Nicole joined the AVC team in June of 2023, shortly after finishing a veterinary technology program in Tennessee.  Her passion for animals and love of science drove her to a path in veterinary medicine.
When not at work, Nicole loves hiking with her blue heeler, Usagi, crocheting, baking, finding new cafes, and playing video games. 
Nicole is originally from Portland, Oregon and only recently started calling San Diego County her home.  She shares her life with a Blue Heeler named Usagi, and a Dachshund named Buster.
Nicole says that she loves veterinary medicine because she is always learning something new and meeting new furry faces, all of which she finds incredibly rewarding. Her favorite part about working at AVC are the "amazing doctors and coworkers who create a positive work environment for myself and each other."


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