Toxin Ingestion

Our veterinary patients like to eat many things- some benign while others are very serious. If your pet ingests any of the following items then emergency treatment is indicated. This list is not all-inclusive so if your pet ingests something that is not on this list, please call our office for advice. 

- Chocolate (the darker the chocolate, the more toxic it tends to be)

- Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (in a higher dose than prescribed by your vet or any human NSAID. Acetaminophen is particularly toxic in cats)

- Lilies; any part of the flower or plant (cats)

- Sago palm; any part of the plant (dogs)

- Antifreeze, this can be found in reusable cold packs and beauty eye masks too! 

- Grapes or raisins (dogs)

- Items that are too large to pass through the small intestine (rocks, toys, etc)

- Rat bait/poison

- Xylitol (sugar substitute found in many chewing gums and other sweet treats)

- Garlic 

- Onions

- Macadamia Nuts

- Alcohol 

If our office is closed, please call Animal Poison Control at (888)426-4435. A $65 charge may apply for a poison control consult but is worth every penny if it helps save your pet's life!


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