General Anesthesia Guidelines

Anesthesia is often a necessary component of your pet’s medical care and should not be taken lightly.  Our hospital has the highest standards to ensure your pet’s safety during any procedure requiring general anesthesia.  Our anesthesia protocol has been carefully detailed and reviewed by our doctors to provide every patient the safest and least traumatic anesthetic care possible.

Without exception, patients undergoing general anesthesia at Advanced Veterinary Care will receive the following supportive care and safety measures:

  • A dedicated anesthetist nurse.  This means your pet’s vital signs and anesthesia parameters will be constantly monitored by a highly trained veterinary nurse, whose sole responsibility is to ensure your pet’s safety from the time of induction (when anesthesia starts) to the time of recovery.  This sounds like it should be “standard of care” in veterinary medicine, right?  Although standard at Advanced Veterinary Care, this level of care is not provided at many other hospitals and spay/neuter clinics.  Before your pet undergoes anesthesia somewhere else for any reason, ask about their anesthesia procedures, it is very important!
  • Intravenous catheter placement.  This allows us to immediately access to your pet’s vein in the event he or she requires medication during the procedure
  • Intravenous fluid therapy (unless contra-indicated by your pet’s medical condition) to support healthy blood pressure
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Continuous EKG monitoring
  • End-tidal carbon dioxide monitoring
  • Pulse oximetry monitoring
  • Body temperature monitoring
  • Heat support
  • A warm, padded post-op area where your pet can safely and comfortably recover, while still under the direct supervision of our highly trained nursing staff

Whether your pet needs a routine spay or emergency surgery for a life-threatening condition, you can be confident the doctors and staff at Advanced Veterinary Care take general anesthesia very seriously.  If you still have questions or concerns about your pet’s anesthesia, please ask us.  We are very proud of our commitment to exceptional anesthetic care and hope to put your mind at ease.


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