Dr. Riehl and Dr. Thomas both have many years of experience in emergency medicine and understand how traumatic and emotional such an event can be for you and your pet. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide aggressive and effective medical care during challenging veterinary emergencies.

When possible, please call ahead so we can be as prepared as possible for your pet's specific emergency.

Available Emergency Services at AVC:

Oxygen therapy

Treatment for shock

Anti-venom administration for rattlesnake bites

Blood transfusions

Chest taping and chest tube placement

Emergency surgery

Emergency wound management

Aggressive pain management including continuous infusions of pain medication, pain patches and nerve blocks

If you are not sure if your pet's symptoms are an emergency or not, please call our office immediately at 760-736-3636. Our experienced staff members will be happy to assist you in making an appropriate medical decision for your pet. Please do not administer any medications to your pet unless directly directed to by his or her veterinarian!


•Active bleeding
•Foaming at the mouth
•Any trauma (hit by car, stepped on, motor vehicle accident, etc)
•Seizure or muscle tremors
•Lethargy, weakness or staggering gait
•Blue, purple, or pale gums or tongue
•Open-mouth breathing (cats)
•Ingestion of snail bait, rat bait, anti-freeze, pills, medications, vitamins, or any suspect substance.
•Your pet has been involved in an animal attack
•Bite wounds
•Straining to urinate
•Snake, spider or insect bites
•Respiratory emergency (trouble breathing)
•Cardiac emergency (collapse, fainting)
•Allergic reactions
•Over-heating, heat stroke

Our facility is open evening hours and both weekend days to make sure that we are as available as possible if your pet has a medical emergency. Please call or come in right away if you have ANY concerns about your pet!


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