Stem Cell Therapy

"Stem cell therapy is a leading edge medical solution for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs. VetStem regenerative stem cells use your own animal's natural healing cells from their fat tissue. It has been shown in published clinical trials to reduce pain and lameness.

Stem cells are programmed to repair the body...and can work in different ways:

- Block pain signals

- Reduce inflammation

- Stimulate cell regeneration

- Stimulate the formation of new blood vessels

- Limit the formation of scar tissue

- Help control the immune system response

- Reduce the damaged tissue cell death"

                                                                    - VetStem, BIOPHARMA

Stem cell therapy is a fairly "new" field in veterinary medicine. There is much controversy in the human medical field, mostly owing to the use of embryonic stem cells. We are using cells from the patient's body to isolate a concentrated amount of these healing cells. It is most beneficial in patients who experience chronic pain from osteoarthritis where surgery is not an option.

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